Meal Time

  • Each day our cook prepares a nourishing, healthy lunch, along with morning and afternoon snacks. Each day’s menu aims to meet the National Heart Foundation and 5+ Vege/Fruit per day guidelines.
  • Children with food intolerances or allergies will be catered for. To protect the health of children with food allergies, the Centre is a nut-free zone.
  • At Bright Star we give thanks, in the form of karakia, before meals. Appropriate food and hygiene habits and table manners are modelled and encouraged.

Sleep Routine

  • Children are ready to rest after an exciting morning of exploration. Teachers will maintain a peaceful, unhurried atmosphere at sleep time, through calm voices, low lighting, quiet music and a tranquil environment. All sleeping areas are fully supervised when in use. Each child will have their own individual bedding, which will be washed regularly.
  • Older children who do not need to sleep will participate in small group activities, a programme that supports the transition to school.

Outings & Excursions

  • The local community and the wider world is an integral part of our curriculum. Regular walks and spontaneous outings may occur without prior notice to parents. Only children whose parents have expressed agreement on their enrolment forms will participate in these regular walks and spontaneous excursions. These may include local walks around the Newlands community.
  • We will provide consent forms for parents to sign, prior to planned excursions. These excursions may have related fees. We invite parent and whānau participation during planned excursions.

Positive Guidance

  • Children learn self-control when adults treat them with dignity and use effective positive guidance strategies. Such as role-modelling; guiding children with clear, consistent and fair limits; helping children develop feelings of warmth, love and empathy towards others; and supporting children in resolving social problems constructively.
  • The use of harsh language and belittling or degrading responses as a means of managing behaviour, is prohibited within the centre environment.

High quality child care centre in Newlands, Wellington. Near Newlands community centre, with easy parking and close to public transport